Known Groupie Celina Powell Accuses Tank of Having an Affair with Her, Puts Racy DMs on Blast [Photos]

You may be familiar with Celina Powell — but for all the wrong reasons.

One quick Google search will tell you that the woman has been linked to several rappers and several stunts.

Now, Celina is making headlines for allegedly getting too close to the very married singer Tank.

She took to Instagram to put Tank on blast by sharing a few of their alleged racy DMs. She accuses the singer of having an affair.

Celina shared a post that read, “How does my p***y taste?” as Tank’s “When We” played in the background. She tagged Tank’s wife, Zena Foster, in the post.

She then shared a screenshot of their alleged DM conversation, in which found Celina shared one of his posts that read, “It all starts with your imagination…”

She then told Tank, “Imagine you making me cum 20x a night. I wanna suck on your toes daddy.” In response, he wrote, “Imagining…”

Celina didn’t care for  his response because she responded by calling him him the “slowest snap chatter I ever met.” Tank defended himself, “I’m sure there’s somebody worse! …lol. I only go on it to talk to you…lol.”

“I wanna be your girlfriend,” Celina eventually followed with to him, though it reminds unknown how did Tank responded

Take a look:

Now, if this is real — Tank should’ve known better.

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