The Kids Are Alright: Video Shows 12-Year-Old Arguing With Adult Over Confederate Flag on His Porch

For whatever reason, a man decided to upload  a video of himself on TikTok getting schooled by a 12-year-old who confronted him for hanging a Confederate flag on his porch.

via Complex:

The exchange, which was captured by a security camera positioned outside his home, starts with the kid walking up to the grown man on his bike, and asking him why he has that particular flag on full display for all to see.

It appears the kid was willing to ride away and accept whatever answer he was given as a passing train drowns out his response, but then the adult attempted to engage even further. What we do hear is the man claim that his flag is “American,” and judging from his own TikTok account, which has since been deleted, only half of the flag represents the United States.

The other half is, as the kid eloquently puts it in his rebuttal, “a goddamned racist flag.”

Following a brief back-and-forth about the racist flag, the man tells the kid to go on YouTube—a bastion of misinformation—to find out what the flag represents. “Do your research before you come to me and sound like a fucking retard,” he said. “You’re the one coming me telling me to remove a flag. It’s a freedom to fly that flag.”

After the man tells him to “do your research,” the kid fires back, “Maybe you should.”

Normally we believe kids should stay out of grown folks’ business, but we’re okay with this. Watch below.

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