Kevin Gates Explains Why He Doesn't Support the Black Lives Matter Movement: 'We Kill Each Other' [Video]

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Kevin Gates doesn’t have much of a rap career — and after his latest comments on the Black Lives Matter movement we don’t foresee it taking off anytime soon.

According to Kevin, the Black Lives Matter movement is ‘bullshit’ because there’s still ‘Black on Black’ crime.

“We kill each other,” he says. “But as soon as a white boy kill one of us, everybody going hooping and howling and all that stupid ass shit.”

Kevin goes on to say that if Black people were not killed by white people, they would be killed by each other anyway. “N*ggas hate on n*ggas. N*ggas steal from niggers. N*ggas kill n*ggas. Come on, man. Help yo brother, don’t hurt yo brother.”
Yikes. Watch below.

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