Kenya Moore Blames NeNe Leakes for 'Housewives' Brawl, Says the Other Girls are NeNe's Puppets [Video]


Kenya Moore was last night’s guest on Bravo’s What What Happens Live following the airing of part 2 of that massive brawl on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

During her visit, Kenya spoke candidly and eloquently about what went down and who was to blame.

Kenya says she thinks jealousy plays a big part in how NeNe treats her. She wouldn’t get into to ALL of it (she says she’s saving the real tea for the reunion), but she did say that she feels NeNe views her as her replacement now that NeNe’s Hollywood gigs no longer exist and she’s back relying on RHOA.

“It was more to it, but I’ll save that for the reunion and hopefully production will back me up. It was a lot more to it. This is a woman I considered to be my friend. I spent Thanksgiving with her and in Savannah. I was a NeNe fan. Then out of nowhere she just attacks me….I’ve never seen anything like it.”

When asked about Cynthia & Kandi’s confrontation, Miss Moore sided with Cynthia — but kept it as real as possible, saying:

Cynthia is not an aggressive person. She talks with her hands. Everyone knows that. I just don’t feel she meant anything aggressive by the way she was talking. But I wasn’t there. I really didn’t appreciate how she didn’t have my back when she was here and blamed the whole situation on me.

She also indirectly called Cynthia a puppet.

It just goes to show you how a lot of times, NeNe has these puppets and makes them dance. And I feel bad about that.

There were a lot of behaviors in this last episode that left a sour taste in our mouth, especially coming from Ms. Leakes and the way she referred to Brandon DeShazer.

Someone who built their entire career on the backs of “queens” and gay lingo should think twice before hurling the word “queen” around in a derogatory, negative way in an attempt to demean someone’s character. It’s just not right.

Check out a few clips from Kenya’s appearance on What What Happens Live last night as well as the entire RHOA episode below.

Full Episode:

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