Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell Confirm ‘Good Burger 2’ Is In The Works [Video] |

Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell Confirm ‘Good Burger 2’ Is In The Works [Video]

Fans of “Good Burger” may be able to order up tickets to see a sequel to the iconic 1997 film in the near future.

via: Vibe

On Sunday (Oct. 23) at TheGrio Awards, Thompson, 44, revealed to Entertainment Tonight, “We’re getting really close on ‘Good Burger 2.’ It’s gonna happen, and I think it’s gonna happen soon. We’re gonna figure out when the pocket of time will be to shoot it, but it’s gonna happen.”

He teased, “It’s closer than it’s ever been. So, I don’t think anything is gonna derail it. We had a reading, like a little private thing just to hear the script that we’ve been working on, out loud—just with a couple friends and a couple people from Paramount and Nickelodeon, and it was so funny.”

In an Instagram post shared on Monday (Oct. 24), Mitchell, also 44, shared a video of the script with his song, “Blessed Mode” playing in the background. “Now we’re cooking! [sic] table read went really good! Good vibes! Good Laughs, Good Burgers!,” he wrote.

Thompson later spoke on his Kenan & Kel co-star and the table read, admitting, “Kel has not missed a step. It’s like old slippers, and that character is just ripe for jokes. We read like, over 100 pages and laughed the whole time. It was so much fun. It’s on and crackin’. That’s all I can say.”

The longtime friends and collaborators had their own Good Burger reunion when Thompson hosted the 2022 Emmy Awards. During one of the interludes, he made his way to the bar and was surprised to see Mitchell as he requested to have a “good burger.” The two men jumped around, embracing, and laughing with one another.

Further information regarding Good Burger 2 has yet to be revealed, but fans can watch the original 1997 cult classic on STARZ.

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