Kanye West's New Girlfriend Wants You to Know She's More Than a Kim Kardashian Clone [Photos]

Chaney Jones, the latest lady to “love” Kanye West, wants you to know that she’s 24, ambitious, and has more going for her than just looking like Kim Kardashian.

via Complex:

Jones apparently shared a photo of herself from the back, which shows off her body pre-BBL. “I think I was 20 here,” she wrote. “This was before my BBL. Same face, same nose lol I’ve never been in denial about surgery and to answer everyone’s questions yes I had a BBL but I’ve always been thick before surgery.”

She also shared a list of facts about herself, where she revealed that she’s mixed with Black and white ancestry, she’s the COO of a behavioral health organization, she’s currently studying for her masters and has a 4.0 GPA, she’s never had surgery on her face, and she’s from Dover, Delaware.

Jones might be firing some not-so-subtle shots at Kim. The reality star has often been accused of appropriating Black culture—and it’s pretty widely known that Kim has gotten extensive work done on her body.

See her post below. Check back in two weeks to learn more about the next woman Kanye’s dating.

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