Kanye West Rebuilds Childhood Home in Chicago's Soldier Stadium [Photos]

Kanye West has something truly special planned for his third Donda listening event. This Thursday (Aug. 26), the rapper will celebrate his forthcoming album with a display at Chicago’s Soldier Field that includes a replica of his childhood home. On Monday (Aug. 23), photos taken from inside the stadium began circulating online showing the house being rebuilt.

via: HighsNobiety

There’s nothing quite like the few days before Kanye is (supposedly) releasing an album, and as we’ve seen with the pending DONDA release, the rapper has been doing everything but dropping his anticipated record. From beefing with Drake and partaking in doxxing, to deleting his Instagram posts, it’s clear that Kanye is keeping busy – and now he’s also building his childhood home inside Chicago’s Soldier Stadium.

We’ve already seen Mr. West reside inside Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, where he was live streaming from before his second listening party, and did push-ups, hung out with friends including Chance the Rapper, and wore Balenciaga. Now, it seems as if the move to Soldier Stadium is taking the live-in concept even further, as photos of a house being built on the stage have begun circulating.

Kanye took to Instagram to share a render of his childhood home after deleting all previous posts, and it seems as if the set currently being built is a recreation of the house he grew up in.

We already know that DONDA is in homage of Ye’s mother who passed away in 2007, with the album featuring old recordings of her voice as well as other samples, and it seems like the house is another nod. The house was bought by Donda West in the 1980s and sold a few years before her passing, and last year the rapper reportedly bought the house back for $225,000 USD.

The next DONDA listening party is set to take place on August 26 we know that Kanye is always taking set design and performance to the next level.

Kanye has yet to announce an official drop date for Donda, but Apple Music currently lists the project as arriving this Friday (Aug. 27), the day after the listening party.

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