Kansas City Activist Says She's Now Under NFAC Protection After Police Harassment [Photos + Video]

The young queen Keiajah ‘KJ’ Brooks who read the Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners for filth. Is now under the protection of the Not Fucking Around Coalition (NFAC) following harassment by police.

If you need a reminder.

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Keiajah “KJ” Brooks, whose powerful speech at a Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners meeting went viral last week, announced on Monday that she is now under the protection of the Not Fucking Around Coalition (NFAC) following harassment by police.

Prior to Monday’s announcement, KJ had detailed on Instagram and Twitter several instances of harassment including an unknown number repeatedly calling her phone and a Kansas City Police Department vehicle driving through the parking lot of her apartment complex multiple times.

KJ, a co-founder of the intersectional organization Chingona Collective, was praised by fellow anti-police brutality activists for her speech last month. In it, KJ told police they were “pathetic” for having “chosen profits over people.” The Kansas City police chief, Richard Smith, has been widely criticized for how the department responded to protests earlier this year. The department has also been met with widespread calls to act with more transparency regarding its own instances of brutality.

Over the weekend, KJ tagged the Kansas City Police Department in an Instagram post highlighting what she described as their “known and documented history of corruption, scare tactics, assassinations, and terrorism.”

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@kcmopolice we know that you hire civilians to help silence people you don’t want heard or whose families you want to intimidate. you’ve intimidated the families of victims of KCPD into complete silence by harassing and following them or worse (and we have watched worse occur personally.) i will not make my security situation known, but if you would like to aid in getting me security, my cash app is in my bio. (AND I PAY TAXES ON IT KCPD, SO TRY ANOTHER WAY OF GETTING ME LOCKED UP.) ?? i will also add the disclaimer that i do not indulge in any illegal substances or involve myself in ANY nefarious activities. i do not suffer from any mental illnesses or ideations. i have no intentions or plans of harming myself or any one else… ?? remember 818.

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As KJ explained to BuzzFeed News in an interview published last week in the wake of her must-watch speech going viral on Twitter and beyond, she made the decision to sign up to speak at the board meeting as a way of giving voice to “all the Black people who have been terrorized by the [Kansas City Police Department].”

Protect this sister.

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