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K. Michelle Responds to Getting Booed in D.C. [Photo]

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K Michelle performed Wednesday evening at the Fillmore Silver Spring. After the show, she was expected to do a walk-though at the Howard Theater… However, thanks to a miscommunication in advertisement, a few fans expected a mini-concert.

According to sources at the after party, one of the event’s promoters “advertised” that K Michelle would perform with a local go-go band which prompted K to “allegedly” tell the audience, “Yall didn’t pay me $30,000 to perform.  Get that bitch (referring to the female singer of the gogo band to sing) to sing.”  

The crowd, unhappy with being mislead, started to boo. They then began spamming K. Michelle’s Instagram page with nasty comments such as:

“I understand you are about your money, we all are but there are ways u handle things. The way u carried yourself tonight at the Howard Theatre was very ignorant. People are who they are and it is what it is but you lost a lot of fans who were really looking forward to at least one song. #DCorNothing #DCStandUp “


“That’s foul how you did the folks at Howard Theatre…you ain’t have to carry sh*t like that. Ain’t nobody even know you before Love & Hip Hop.”

The usually fiery K. Michelle rose above the negativity and simply posted the above photo with the caption “Numb to the pain. Everyday’s the same. If I only had a heart.”

It’s unfortunate this situation had to play out in front of the fans.

[via The YBF]

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