Joseline Hernandez Says Wendy Williams Wanted To Talk To Her Following Heated Argument [Video]

Joseline Hernandez isn’t interested in rebuilding bridges with Wendy Williams. After her heated interview with the day time talk show host in April, Hernandez feels Williams needs to rethink her career.

via: AceShowbiz

“She was very rude,” Joseline said. “And as the host, no matter who you are, you still should be respectful to the people that sit in front of you and speak to you and give you their story or their time and their conversation.”

The “Puerto Rican Princess” went on to say, “When she threw the flowers at me, when she was being real disrespectful and not acknowledging the fact that when Latinas and Black women sit on her couch, she’s always going for annihilation. She don’t give me my props for nothing that I do. I’m 35 years her junior and she don’t give me no props.”

“I’m doing big things out here, I got two shows that I own, I franchise. I’m doing my thing, I got an actual cabaret show that we are going to Vegas next season. But you always want to compare me with people,” she added.

Joseline also shared that a day following the on-air fight, Wendy “wanted to talk to me,” though she wasn’t interested. “I was like, ‘I don’t want to talk to that B-*-*-C-H’ I’m sick of her.”

Acknowledging that Wendy was often embroiled in controversy for her comments on the talk show, the reality star said, “When you’ve been in the industry for so many years, you have to reinvent yourself. Because there comes a time when people get sick of looking at you and hearing you, so it’s time to reinvent yourself. And I think it’s just one of those times that she needs to reinvent herself.”

In the April episode of Wendy’s show, Joseline demanded respect from Wendy. She said, “I hope you’re going to give me my flowers today. I hope you’re going to honor how much work I’ve put out there…I’m an accomplished woman and I just feel like every time I come to your show, you don’t give me those flowers now.”

“You’re 35 years my senior. I should get those flowers now,” she went on saying, while Wendy looked confused by the sudden rant. “I should feel wanted by people like you. Not just me, all the other young girls,” Joseline continued, to which Wendy quickly interjected, “You wanted to feel wanted by me? I always say you’re very entertaining.”

Firing back at Joseline, Wendy said, “You feel undervalued? Well so do I, okay? Because you’re a part of pop culture, this is what I do. But if you possibly think that I leave here every day and don’t feel undervalued for something that I do, you know, as a woman, we’re not gonna even talk about race. Just as a woman, I still don’t make that dollar for dollar men make.”

Watch Joseline’s full interview discussing her time on Wendy below.

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