Joe Budden Reacts To Being Shouted Out In “Abbott Elementary” [Photos] |

Joe Budden Reacts To Being Shouted Out In “Abbott Elementary” [Photos]

Joe Budden has reacted to receiving a shout-out in a recent episode of the ABC sitcom Abbott Elementary.

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Joe Budden is one of the most recognizable figures in hip-hop culture. He was never quite the most popular rapper in the game while he was active, but he was a prominent member of Slaughterhouse. His 2003 hit, “Pump It Up” is certainly the most successful track of his career.

He retired from the rap game in 2018 and his last full-length release came in the form of 2016’s Rage & The Machine. Ever since then, Budden has found continuous success as a broadcaster for various platforms. Regardless, the 42-year-old continues to maintain his relevance in society.

ABC‘s sitcom show, Abbot Elementary, shouts out the “Pump It Up” rapper in a bit from one of their recent episodes, “Read-A-Thon.”

The scene showcases one of the show’s students educating his teacher on who Joe Budden is while in the school’s new podcasting club. The teacher, who’s played by Chris Perfetti, brings up “the podfather.” “Oh, you mean Joe Budden,” the student replies. “I think he pronounces it Biden, but we will work on diction when the mics are hot,” says Mr. Hill in response.

The kid subsequently reveals that it’s shocking he’s never heard of the former Slaughterhouse rapper. He plays the prof a clip from The Joe Budden Podcast, but Mr. Hill is appalled by the explicit language.

“Joe is a star. It’s ok to admit. He made broadcasting cool. We changed the game forever. #AbbottElementary,” says Budden’s manager, Ian Schwartzman in a tweet.

One fan took to their Twitter account to publicly acknowledge the show’s mention of Budden. “Not the Podfather @JoeBudden on Abbot Elementary,” writes the fan, along with a couple of emojis crying with laughter. “Nah don’t gas me.. i love that show lol,” the 42-year-old replies back. Evidently, he’s loving the shout-out.

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