Joe Budden Calls Out The Game Over Diss Track: 'Watch Your F*cking Mouth'

The Game has a new album coming out and not only did he name drop Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner — but he also called out Cyn Santana, Joe Budden’s wife.

Joe Budden addressed all that and more on his podcast.

via Complex:

“The more I sat and thought about this, the more I said to myself, ‘N*gga, so what?’ What type of loser, face-ass n***a is you, n***a?” Budden asked on his podcast. “I don’t give two fucks about what anyone did before I was involved with them. To me, that’s more loser shit.” 

Budden took offense to the fact that the Game attacked him out of the blue on a song and didn’t reach out to Budden personally.

“You didn’t say it to me. You said it in a song. And you can call me Game,” he said, before clowning the Game for his given name, Jayceon. “You talking about my girl with a girl name. Watch your fucking mouth, man.”

Budden claimed that the Game is only taking shots because he doesn’t have a strong enough song to generate buzz on its own merits. 

“Game don’t have a single. You have to do this salacious sensationalized bullshit…when you’re calling out people who have clearly moved on and not thinking anything about you,” he said. “You calling out women that ain’t said a word about you. They not proud of you, n***a.”

Joe has a point. Listen to the episode in full below.

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