Jesse L. Martin to Replace Lenny Kravitz in Upcoming Marvin Gaye Biopic

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It was reported earlier that Lenny Kravitz was tapped to play Marvin Gaye in the upcoming film, Sexual Healing. Things have changed.

Lenny Kravitz will not play Marvin Gaye in “Sexual Healing,” an upcoming biopic. reports Jesse L. Martin will fill in for Kravitz, a surprising development given that Martin was actually originally cast in the film when it was to be produced by James Gandolfini.

Marvin Gaye III (the singer’s son) had previously expressed grave reservations about Kravitz portraying the Motown legend, going so far as to slam the entire project as “shameful.”

Kravitz was first cast in Julien Temple’s take on a portion of Gaye’s life in November. Temple remains on the project.

“Sexual Healing” is slated to start production later this month, so it seems Gaye III has come to terms with the plans. All’s not lost for Kravitz: He’ll reprise his role as Cinna in “Catching Fire,” the upcoming “Hunger Games” sequel.

via Huffington Post

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