Jeffree Star Addresses Being 'Robbed' By Ex-Boyfriend Andre Marhold, Says He 'Got a Little Played' [Video]

Jeffree Star took to social media to address reports that his ex-boyfriend, Andre Marhold, robbed him.

In a series of clips posted to Instagram stories, Jeffree explained that Andre misrepresented who he was and found out that he was completely broke after they started hanging out.

According to Jeffree, Andre didn’t even have a bank account.

After Jeffree ended things with Andre, he says he noticed some things missing — some sunglasses, Louis Vuitton bags, and a few other things.

While he doesn’t expect to get them back, Jeffree says it’s the ‘principle’ that has him upset and he admits he got “a little played.”

We don’t know how Jeffree got ‘played’ when we ALL looked at the their situation and ALL came to the same conclusion.

Watch the video below:

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