Jeannie Mai Jenkins Introduces Baby Monaco for the First Time 5 Months After Her Birth [Video]

Back in January Jeannie Mai and Jeezy welcomed their first child together, their baby girl Monaco Mai Jenkins.

via: People

On Thursday, Jeannie Mai Jenkins introduces her 5-month-old daugher Monaco for the first time since welcoming the little girl in January with husband Jeezy.

Mai Jenkins shares photos and videos of baby Monaco in the latest installment of her Hello Hunnay YouTube series, airing at 1 p.m. ET, featuring some of Monaco’s milestone moments over the last five months.

“[This] might be the most exciting episode I’ve had here on Hello Hunnay,” the new mom begins the clip.

The first half of the video includes footage of Monaco meeting different family members as well as Mai Jenkins’ former co-hosts on The Real.

Following the montage, Mai Jenkins, 43, brings Monaco on camera for the first time along with her mom, whom she calls “Momma Mai.” The infant looks too cute in a sleeveless cheetah print dress with an oversized yellow headband.

“It’s time to share the most amazing, exciting, newest member of the Hello Hunnay family,” says Mai Jenkins, who goes on to admit she was “so nervous” to introduce her baby to the world the past five months.

“I got really scared, guarded and protected,” she says. “Please excuse the nerves.”

Last month, the TV personality revealed to PEOPLE that she’s still managing a severe case of postpartum anxiety, something she only recently became aware of.

“The new mom anxiety is real and I wasn’t prepared for the hit of it,” Mai Jenkins said about only having been prepared for potential postpartum depression.

“Here I am going through postpartum with worries, with heart palpitations, with an inability to sleep, and I was like, ‘I’m not depressed; I’m actually super stoked and happy, but I’m worried and really anxious and fidgety,’ and I didn’t know what it was.”

After searching ‘Can you get anxious after birth?’ on the internet, she was surprised to learn about the realities of postpartum anxiety.

“It’s a huge difference from depression: I wasn’t sad, I wasn’t sleeping all day, I didn’t feel miserable about my life, I wasn’t having suicidal thoughts,” she added. “I was just very anxious, very uncomfortable and worried all the time.”

Gaining that understanding has helped Mai Jenkins manage life as mom to daughter Monaco. “Now that I know what it is, I still get anxiety attacks, but I’m aware that it’s just a phase,” she said.

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