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Jason Momoa Shows Off His Big Bountiful Booty to Promote New Merch [Video]

Jason Momoa is showing off mo-MORE-a of his butt.

via People:

In an Instagram post on Thursday, the Justice League actor, 43, showed off the latest items in his collaboration with outdoor gear company So iLL x On the Roam, a T-shirt in various colors with flip flops to match.

While the new threads suited Momoa well, they weren’t exactly what caught fans’ eyes, however.

“Check it out. So we got all our new shirts in. We got purple, we got pink, we got lavender, we got black,” Momoa states in the video. “And check it out. Matches the shoes!”

The camera pans down to show off the flip-flops, which perfectly match Momoa’s shirt. “Know what I’m saying?”

He then, unexpectedly, spins around, revealing that his rear end is entirely bare, due to the traditional garment he is wearing in lieu of shorts or pants.

“It’s looking good,” he declares, striding off in a playful swagger and punctuating it with an exaggerated “Uhhhh!”

Fans, needless to say, were quick to express their appreciation in the comments section.

“There was a shirt and shoes in this video? Must have missed them,” raved one, while another joked, “Okay, purple is my new favorite color.”

Momoa’s new designs spring from a friendship with So iLL’s founder Daniel Chancellor, with whom he was inspired to collaborate on a signature line of outdoor products “dedicated to honoring those who roam, with the intent of unlocking the free spirit inside us all,” according to their site.

Whether Jason wants to sell t-shirts, flip-flops, or that ass — we’re here for it. Check out the video below.


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