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Jamie Foxx ‘on a Mission’ to Win Back Ex Katie Holmes After Miraculous Recovery

Jamie Foxx would reportedly do anything to get back together with his former girlfriend Katie Holmes after a medical complication took him to the hospital in April.

via: Radar Online

Sources close to the Project Power actor said he has a newfound lease on life after overcoming a medical emergency and has set his sights on winning back the affections of his former flame, RadarOnline.com has learned.

We reached out to reps for Foxx for comment.

Foxx and the Dawson’s Creek actress dated on and off for six years following her divorce from ex-husband Tom Cruise, sparking romance rumors in 2013 before calling it quits for good in 2019.

Now that he’s back on his feet, the Fall for Your Type crooner is said to be reevaluating past relationships and other aspects of his life.

“Jamie has dated scores of beautiful women in his life, but none came close to matching what he had with Katie,” spilled a source to National Enquirer about their once red-hot connection.

“Their chemistry was off the charts. It was a romance born of passion but became so much more. In hindsight, Jamie can’t believe he let her slip through his fingers.”

The Ray performer has been focused on his well-being and getting in tip-top shape again after a health scare landed him in the hospital in April, for what his daughter Corinne described as a “medical complication.”

Foxx said his faith and family helped get him through that tough chapter, telling fans he went to “hell and back.” He is still showing signs of improvement, recently partaking in a game of pickleball with Olympic volleyball star Casey Patterson.

“Jamie took a lot of pride in being this Don Juan character,” an insider spilled to the outlet. “But now, life has given him a second chance and he plans on reaching out to make amends with a lot of exes, not just Katie.”

“He knows and respects that she’s moved on — but if she were open to taking him back, that would be the dream scenario!” the insider added.

Holmes does seem to hold a place in her heart for Foxx, as we previously learned she felt “in the dark” about what happened to her ex while he was filming Netflix action comedy Back in Action in Atlanta, Georgia.

Other tipsters said that although she may care, it is “hard to imagine Katie wanting to revisit this romance,” but it was noted “Jamie is hoping at the very least she’ll allow him back into her life.”

“Time’s been a great healer,” they continued. “He just wants nothing but peace and love with everyone right now.”

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