Is That You? Kylie Jenner's New Bratz Collaboration Debuts, Social Media Questions the Dolls' 'Brown' Skin

Kylie Jenner has been transformed into a series of mini Bratz dolls for a limited-edition collection of figurines — and people are wondering why the dolls are so…brown.

Bratz’s first-ever celebrity collaboration features six “Bratzified” versions Kylie in her most iconic red carpet outfits.

The looks include the lavender feather-trimmed Versace gown she rocked at the 2019 Met Gala and the corseted black dress and crystal crown she rocked at the Thierry Mugler exhibition opening in November 2022.

Despite how fabulous they look, social media can’t get past the fact the $9.99 figurines are a bit darker than Kylie’s actual skin tone.


They are a little brown…but they’re cute, right?

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