Iggy Azalea Explains Her Letter Supporting Tory Lanez: ‘I Don’t Support Anyone…I Support Prison Reform’

Iggy Azalea wants to make it clear that she’s not in ‘support’ of Tory Lanez.

Earlier, it was revealed during Tory’s sentencing hearing that Iggy Azalea was among many who had written letters of support on his behalf.

As you can imagine, the internet has been dragging Iggy all day for seemingly going against Megan Thee Stallion.

Iggy took to Twitter (no, we’re not calling it X) to offer up a few clarifications — although we’re unsure if they help the situation.

In a series of tweets (posts), Iggy says that she doesn’t ‘support’ Tory or Megan and thinks Tory should be held accountable — just not 5+ years of prison time.

Take a look:

The unfortunate part of this entire situation is that she really could’ve just stayed out of it.

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