Hold Up: Did Drake Suggest Rihanna is the Devil During His OVO Fest Performance? [Photos + Video]

Rihanna Drake Devil 666 OVO lovebscott

Last week it was reported that Chris Brown was unable to join Drake for their scheduled performance at Drake’s OVO festival because Breezy couldn’t get into Canada.

We were bummed at the news, because they were allegedly supposed to perform their new song which is rumored to have some lines about Rihanna in the mix.

One Breezy don’t stop no show, because Drake carried on with his anti-Rihanna message by himself. W

hile performing “Days in the East,” images of a fiery Rihanna accompanied with ‘666’ flashed across the screen.


Some fans are saying the burning 6 is in reference to his forthcoming album Views From The Six, but the fact that he flashed it three times combined with the fact that he used Rihanna’s image an that the images were on fire definitely suggest otherwise to us.

Not to mention, the lyrics seem to reference Rihanna’s relationship with Chris Brown.

“Why you keep askin’ me about her?/Couple of other things I’d rather do than talk about that right now/Told you about giving him chances on chances on chances/He’s not holding you down, he’s holding you back right now”

 Watch the video below. Do you think Drizzy’s message was intentional?

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