Gross: Kevin McCall Mocks Eva Marcille on Social Media After Losing Custody Battle

‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star Eva Marcille’s ex Kevin McCall is trashing the reality star on social media, weeks after being shut down in his attempt to get custody of their daughter.

via The Blast:

Over the weekend, Kevin McCall was active on his Instagram and decided to mock the mother of his child. He was posting video of him in the studio writing and rapping. He then decided to write, “What do u get when u cross the term “police” with let’s say, a random WORD like – let’s say “escort” just randomly.”

He continued, “So what do u get when u cross the word “Police” and “Escort”. Answer : PIG-FORD (Yeah I just for idea from the swipe left freestyle just for the F of it. You smart dummy.”

The reality star’s birth name is Eva Pigford.

He really is proving himself to be a terrible person…over and over again.

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