The Game Throws Back Fan’s Bra On Stage: “I Don’t Be Doing No Tricking!” [Video]

The Game is the anti-Drake, at least when it comes to collecting bras from well-endowed women at his shows.

via: HotNewHipHop

In a clip circulating on social media, The Game stops his performance as a woman throws her large red bra on stage.

From there, he brings up fans doing similar antics with Drake before making it abundantly clear he won’t be having any of it. “I don’t be doing no tricking!!!” The Game told the audience as he threw the bra back into the crowd.

Over the weekend, Drake actually asked his fans to stop throwing bras on stage out of respect for his son, Adonis. “Look, to be honest with you, I can’t talk about titties tonight in L.A. because my son is at the show for the first time,” Drake said on stage. “So we’ve got to keep this real PG tonight. Y’all keep your bras on.” Check out the clip of how The Game handled the situation below.

The comments came after Drake recently made headlines for his reaction to seeing a particularly large bra be flung at him on stage. “36G?” he said excitedly. “Locate this woman immediately.” Eventually, Drake did locate the woman, who ended up being Veronica Correia out of Rhode Island. Correia later confirmed that Drake reached out to her via Instagram DM while on the Club Ambition podcast. “He slid up on a [Instagram] Story and laughed at one, simply sent a laughing face. And I took a day or two to respond because I just didn’t know what to say,” Correia said. “So I just liked it, and then I left him for like a day. Then I wrote out this paragraph, basically thanking him for the experience, an awesome show, and then I told him I own the coffee shop in Cumberland and asked if he liked coffee and how he likes it.” Drake went on to share some words of advice for the woman.

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