Future Says He Wrote the Melody for Beyoncé's 'Drunk in Love', Doesn't Know Why He Didn't Get Credit

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There’s been a lot of confusion surrounding the similarities between Beyoncé’s “Drunk In Love” and Future’s “Good Morning.” We’ve seen Future briefly address the situation — but he never fully explained what went down.

In an interview with CRWN host Elliott Wilson, Future attempted to clear up the controversy.

“Detail came to the studio like. He cut the music off  — ‘Man I’m about to work with Beyoncé. Can you please do this record man? She like the way you do yo’ songs’ ..and  she this and that. We were working so much together, he ended up getting me to do it. 

He put me in the booth. The song was already pre-wrote.  I started doing the little melody – my melody that you can pretty much tell from “Turn on The Lights.”

If you listen to the records these are the same melodies I’ve been doing — “Never End,” “Turn Off The Lights”. If you go back to my mixtapes you hear my melody all over it — so it wasn’t that issue.

It was just, he was working with her, ended up cutting the record first & gave it to her. We had did the record about 8 months before she put it out.”

He goes on to say that during that time, he made “Good Morning” thinking Beyoncé wasn’t ever going to put “Drunk in Love ” out — but she did and thus “Good Morning” was scrapped.

Still unclear as to whether or not Future wrote anything on “Drunk in Love,” Elliott Wilson points out that both songs feature the line “we be all night” and Future clarifies that everything was written around the same time.

Elliott : “Why aren’t you properly credited for that song and why can’t you just put yours out?”

Future: “I don’t know. You gotta ask them that. I was like ‘Let me put “Good Morning” out since y’all put “Drunk in Love” out’. [They were] like ‘nah'”

Elliott: “But you weren’t credited on ‘Drunk In Love'”

Future: “Nope. That’s why they won’t let me put it out *laughs*”

 Watch the interview below!

Listen to Future’s “Good Morning” below. Does it sound like “Drunk In Love” to you?

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