Former NFL-er Stanley Wilson II Busted for Breaking Into a Home and Getting Naked...Again

Former Lions cornerback, Stanley Wilson I, was arrested in Oregon on Saturday after trying to break into a home before getting butt naked.

via NYDN:

Police told that they received a call from the homeowner just after 2 p.m. The caller said Wilson pulled up to the house before getting out of his car and advancing toward the homeowners in the garage.

Wilson was still clothed at this time, but the homeowner was spooked by Wilson’s actions. He closed the garage door and called the authorities. Police said Wilson then tried to force his way into the house through both the front and back doors.

After arriving at the residence, police witnessed Wilson exit from a shed in the backyard while naked, according to the Associated Press. Officers detained Wilson and brought him to Marion County Jail, where he is being held and faces multiple charges.

This is the third such incident involving Wilson in the past year, and the second in the past month.

In June, a Portland homeowner shot Wilson when the 34-year-old tried to break into the man’s home while naked. In January, Wilson was arrested again after police found him outside a home without clothes. According to the Oregonian, police said Wilson appeared to be on drugs.

Wilson played college football at Stanford and was drafted by the Lions in the third round of the 2005 draft. He played three seasons in Detroit, logging 63 tackles and one forced fumble in 32 career games. He is the son of former Bengals running back Stanley Wilson Sr.

Since leaving the NFL, Wilson has reportedly struggled with drug use. He tested positive for methamphetamines in November, according to the Oregonian, violating the conditions of his release from jail following the June gunshot incident.

Wilson was then ordered to attend classes as part of drug rehab treatment, but he only attended one session, the Oregonian reports.

Stay off drugs, ladies and gentlemen.

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