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Florida Woman Arrested After Setting up Fake Dating Profile Offering Free Meth Using Ex’s New Girlfriend’s Info

Florida is just different. A woman was arrested on Saturday for sending threatening texts to a woman and posting the victims address on a dating website.

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A Florida woman has been arrested for creating a fake dating profile in an attempt to ruin another woman’s life.

Vanessa Marie Huckaba allegedly created a dating profile saying there was “free meth tonight” at the woman\s home, the New York Post reports. The profile, set up on the website Seeking Arrangement, included the 36-year-old victim’s name, photo, cell phone number, and address. The victim was dating Huckaba’s ex-boyfriend.

“Multiple strangers began arriving at the victim’s residence thereafter,” said Adam Linhardt, a spokesman for the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. Some even sent the woman naked photos of themselves.

The victim said that Huckaba began harassing her on Oct. 21, after she started dating Huckaba’s ex, whom she had been with for six months. The victim and the 29-year-old Huckaba had never met before.

Huckaba allegedly threatened the victim over the phone and through text messages, with one text reading, “You think texts are bad, next is your house and your job.” The victim blocked Huckaba on her phone, but she ended up calling back on a different number.

The victim filed for a restraining order, which was authorized on Oct. 28, after which Huckaba set up the dating profile. She was apprehended on Saturday and charged with cyberstalking and harassing, both misdemeanors. She was released the same day on a $5,000 bond and will have to appear in court on a later date.

She is lucky she didn’t get a beating for messing with that woman like that, anything could have happened giving out her personal information.

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