First Look: Check Out the Trailer for Issa Rae's Newest Film Project 'Killing Lazarus' [Video]

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‘Awkward Black Girl’ creator, Issa Rae, is preparing to release her first feature film, Killing Lazarus, in a partnership between her own Issa Rae Productions, Dormtainment TV & Finc Films.

The movie stars Tracey Dukes and Deji LaRay and was written and directed by Desmond Faison.

Killing Lazarus is a gritty Urban Drama sprinkled with the characteristics of a thriller / mystery. Developed in the same vein as iconic films like Brooklyn’s Finest and Dead Presidents, and others this collision of genres paves the way for a new and unique film. In this 120 minute feature we watch as a childhood friendship shaped by necessity, turns to an adult one of comfort. Local drug dealer Thurgood Jacobs (aka T), and his closest friend Lazarus James (aka L) have been in the business for years. Our story find the two just days before T’s 30th birthday. With the wear and tear of the business weighing on his conscious, the Police bearing down on his team and a purported rat in their ranks, T wants out. However L, who has always had somewhat of a sinister influence over T’s decisions somehow connivance him to stick it out for this one last big score.

When a budding relationship between T and the area’s newest neighbor Amy takes a sudden and unexpected turn T and L find themselves for the first time truly at odds and even worst opposite ends of a barrel. A friendship finally reveled for what it is and a momentary mental fracture creates a perfect storm for what happens next. Tragic, both in timing and circumstance, but at the same time strangely liberating Killing Lazarus is a story that promises to have audiences on the edge of their seats. Bookend the story finds its’ self ending right where it began one dead body, yet two extinguished souls.

Issa Rae spoke on the excitement surrounding her first feature film, saying: “I’m very excited to be a part of a project from a director I have long admired. Killing Lazarus and its awesome cast is a breath of fresh air.

Beginning on August 2nd, 2015, you’ll be able to purchase and watch Killing Lazarus on Vimeo via The only promotion for the nearly two-hour film will be online through social media.

“With Killing Lazarus, we are creating a way for today’s most successful content creators to pave their own way – circumventing the movie industry’s gatekeepers to provide, high quality, original content directly to our audiences via the web,” said director Faison.

Get into the trailer below!

Pre-sales for Killing Lazarus have already begun! Purchase & support the film for only $3.99 until Saturday at midnight.

Killing Lazarus will officially be available for purchase this Sunday, August 2nd  4PM pst for $5.99!!!

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