Farrah Franklin Says Destiny's Child LIED About Why She Got Kicked Out of the Group, Explains What Really Happened [Video]

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Farrah Franklin gave a new interview with VLAD TV (why? we don’t know) and opened up about her Destiny’s Child days.

During the interview, Farrah said that her decision to leave was based on Mathew being aggressive and her being mistreated — not the popular story that she left because she was lazy and missing shows.

Farrah says:

“I’ve never missed a show, ever. Or I would have gotten kicked out of the group. When I left the group, they weren’t honest with people to say I left. You can’t say I’m missing shows if I’m not a part of the group anymore. That’s a lie. A bold-faced lie.

Because they didn’t want to tell people what was going on. They lost two other members six-months ago, but everybody’s leaving for the same reason and we don’t even know each other.

I did walk out on Seattle, because that’s when I quit the group. What you see is me leaving the group. I walked out of my hotel room — weren’t filming, there was nothing going on.”

She goes on to tell the story about how despite being sick, she managed to show up anyway. Farrah also talks about what went down the day she left.

Watch below.

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