Exclusive: Yovanna Momplaisir Speaks to B. Scott, Slams NeNe Leakes’ Leaked Text Messages, Says She Felt ‘Used’ and Nene ‘Ran at the Reunion’ | lovebscott.com

Exclusive: Yovanna Momplaisir Speaks to B. Scott, Slams NeNe Leakes’ Leaked Text Messages, Says She Felt ‘Used’ and Nene ‘Ran at the Reunion’

‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ reunion is over, but the drama continues.

Yesterday, we here at lovebscott.com poured an entire kettle’s worth of tea about what went down during the ladies’ virtual season 12 reunion.

In our exclusive report, we revealed that NeNe Leakes’ was the mastermind behind ‘SnakeGate’ and that friend of the show, Yovanna Momplaisir, admitted there was never any audio.

NeNe took to social media to seemingly deny the account, but Yovanna spoke exclusively with B. Scott to clear the air.

B. Scott: Is there anything you can say regarding our recent exclusive? I just want some clarity…

Yovanna: “I want to first address these text messages that were posted. That, right there, only proves further what I stated at the reunion and what was in your article.

The time when NeNe got up and didn’t return is when I got there. She should’ve plead her case when she was paid to. She ran at the reunion. She tried time and time again to prevent me from speaking my truth on this whole situation.

What you’re seeing is her attempt to manipulate people’s minds before the reunion aired.”

[Editor’s Note: Prior to this chat, NeNe Leakes released a text messaged purportedly between herself and Yovanna suggesting Yovanna had audio.]

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B. : Did NeNe Leakes send you a Cease and Desist letter?

Y: “I don’t want to confirm or deny certain aspects of what’s going to come out in the next three weeks, but me not answering that should tell you enough.

What I want to make very clear is that the homeowner was not home at the house that they supposedly built! What would make you get up and walk out Yo own house? You’d have to be pretty freakin’ spooked to get up out yo chair and not return for my entire segment. That’s what I wanna say — and that’s what the world will see.”

B: Was there anything you said specifically that made NeNe leave?

Y: “I posted a video on social media and Eva said something about it. As soon as Eva mentioned the video, I guess her team told her to look at my page. So, when she saw the post ‘let’s clear the air’ that was her cue to exit.”

[Editor’s Note: Yovanna posted via Instagram that she was appearing at the reunion. According to additional sources, production gave NeNe a heads up and she left her seat before Yovanna appeared.]

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? Let’s clear the air.

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B: Do you feel betrayed by NeNe? How do you feel about her right now?

Y: “Absolutely, I feel that I was used. That’s the word. I thought she was a friend and genuinely felt that we were real friends, but over time she played her real cards. Once she was back in cool with everyone else, it was like ‘Okay, I don’t need you anymore.’”

B: Is there anything you could say to explain the texts from today? Did you send that text?

Y: “Those text messages further prove exactly what I said at the reunion. I talk about that at the reunion. It will all be explained. The thing about it is, these receipts that she’s furnishing now — why didn’t she have these two days ago? She has so much to say — why didn’t she come with this days ago? It took 48 hours to finally come up with something. It’s to manipulate the viewers mind before the truth really comes out.”

B: Where are the dates and stuff? Dates, times, when?

Y: “That’s very important with this whole situation. Very important.”

B: You’re saying everything we laid out in our exclusive will play out in the reunion?

Y: “I’d say a good majority of it. Absolutely.”

B: What do you say to those who say you played yourself, tried to play NeNe, and now you’re doing whatever it takes to save face?

Y: “I showed up at the reunion to take accountability for my part in SnakeGate and the whole situation. She wasn’t woman enough to take accountability for her part. I said it, and I’ll say it again — the homeowner was not at home at the house they built. Period. The friend of the show ran you off? Out of your own house? Has that ever happened?”

B: I don’t think it has.

Y: “That should tell you something. I just want the public to use their brains. People aren’t stupid.”

And there you have it. ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ season 12 reunion airs May 10 at 8pm on Bravo.

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