Exclusive: Woman Sues L.A. Reid After Being Wrongfully Terminated for Being Pregnant [Court Documents]

Epic Records CEO L.A. Reid is being sued by a former employee who claims she was unfairly terminated because she was a pregnant. She’s suing for unpaid wages, overtime pay and damages.

In the lawsuit filed in the US District Court of New York obtained by lovebscott.com, Shola Smith claims she began working for MyMuze Inc, a marketing firm owned by L.A. Reid and his partner Darrin Jennings.

The lawsuit states that during her time at My Muze, Smith began working as an unpaid intern in 2009 until 2011 when she began to receive $2,000 monthly compensation.

According to Smith, the funds were wired directly into her bank account and she was never required to complete proper tax forms — meaning she was being paid under the table and that no records of her employment or money associated with her employment were ever reported to the federal or state tax authorities.

In 2012, the company MyMuze became Thntck, still under the direct management and supervision of L.A. Reid and his partner.

Smith also alleges that despite often working over 40 hours per week, she was never compensated for overtime.

The real blow came in May 2013 when Smith, who was 7 months & visibly pregnant at the time, was allegedly told by the wife of L.A. Reid’s partner that she was no longer able to work in her current position, but could work as a nanny for their daughter.

Smith refused and was subsequently terminated.

Because L.A. Reid & co. never kept proper records of her employment, Shola claims has been unable to obtain unemployment insurance.

It seems like some pretty shady stuff is going on here. We’ll have to see how all this plays out in court!

Check out the official court documents below.

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