Exclusive: How Wendy Williams Really Feels About The Gay Community Even After Her Apology

Wendy Williams surprised many longtime fans with remarks about how gay men “should stop wearing our skirts and our heels” — except for those closest to the talk show host.

While discussing Galentine’s Day, an unofficial holiday created by Parks and Recreation where “ladies celebrate ladies,” Wendy noticed a few men in the audience clapping and wasn’t having it.

“If you’re a man and you’re clapping, you’re not even a part of this,” Wendy said. ”You don’t understand the rules of the day. It’s women going out and getting saucy and then going home. You’re not a part.” 

“I don’t care if you’re gay. You don’t get a [menstruation] every 28 days,” she added. “You can do a lot that we do, but I get offended by the idea that we go through something you will never go through.”

She finished her remarks by delivering one final blow to the LGBT community — “And stop wearing our skirts and our heels. Just saying, girls, what do we have for ourselves? Looky here now, gay men, you’ll never be the women that we are. No matter how gay.”

The following day, Wendy posted a tearful apology to the LGBT community on social media, saying —“I didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings, I’m just having a conversation.”

Well, sources exclusively tell lovebscott.com that the conversations Wendy has had off-air reflect her initial anti-LGBT remarks — and not the apology.

“That’s just what she feels — like, that’s her real opinion,” says a former long-time member of Wendy’s team.

Let us remind you that Wendy’s career spans several decades and has a long history of homophobic rhetoric. Don’t forget — her now-sanitized catchphrase “How you doin’?” was birthed from Wendy’s mockery of homosexuals and when she would suspect someone of hiding their sexuality.

Although she apologized, we won’t be surprised if Wendy’s ‘real opinion’ puts her back in the headlines in the near future.

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