ESPN Tried to Replace Jemele Hill With Another Co-Host, But Her Colleagues Wouldn't Stand for It

According to reports, ESPN tried to take Jemele Hill off air in the wake of the controversy surrounding her comments on Donald Trump.

ThinkProgress reports that hours before Jemele was set to take her rightful seat on SportsCenter, execs at the network tried to find a replacement for her.

Co-host Michael Hill reportedly refused to show up to set if they did so.

ESPN¬†reached out to two of their other Black hosts, Michael Eaves and Elle Duncan, in an effort to have them fill in for both Jemele AND Michael — but both rejected the offer.

The network had no choice but to let Jemele and Michael do their show as planned and it went off without any controversy.

THAT’s how you show solidarity! We stand with Jemele.

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