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Eddie Murphy Says He’s Almost Released Music a ‘Bunch of Times’ [Video]

Eddie Murphy says he’s “almost put a record out” several times throughout his career.

via Complex:

To be clear, Murphy, who will next be seen in a new Beverly Hills Cop sequel for Netflix, told Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans this week that he’s “never stopped recording” but has instead backed away from any sort of formal release strategy when it comes to the musical side of his art.

“I have lots of stuff,” Murphy said during a recent red carpet chat. “I’ve never stopped recording. I just stopped putting stuff out. Every now and then, I’ll put something up on YouTube for free with no advertising or anything.”

The most recent upload to Murphy’s official YouTube is a video for “Oh Jah Jah” in 2015. The 2010s also saw the Oscar-nominated actor linking with Snoop Dogg (then Snoop Lion) for “Red Light,” as well as rolling out two other one-offs, “Promise (You Won’t Break My Heart)” and “Temporary.”

When asked about the potential of releasing another album, or even a single, Murphy didn’t shut down the possibility.

“You know, I’ve almost put a record out a bunch of times over the years…So in the meantime, I’ve got a bunch of stuff,” he said, adding that he ditched his in-home studio setup last year to encourage one of his children to move back in.

“Party All the Time,” Murphy’s biggest hit as a singer, peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 back in 1985. The song, penned by the late Rick James, appeared on Murphy’s How Could It Bealbum that same year. The album has since been certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America.

“Party All the Time” is a certified banger. He should go ahead and drop that album — life’s too short no to do what’s on your heart!

Check out the interview below.

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