Draya Michele Confirms Split with Orlando Scandrick After He Allegedly Questioned Paternity [Photos]


Last week, Draya Michele announced that she’s pregnant and expecting a son with on-again-off-again boyfriend, Orlando Scandrick.

For the last few days, Draya’s been posting some cryptic captions on Instagram hinting that there might be some trouble in paradise — all leading up to a post where she basically confirmed that she and Orlando are no longer together.



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So, what happened? According to rumor, Orlando questioned the timing of Draya’s pregnancy. If you look at the timeline, six months ago Draya and Orlando were having relationship issues and weren’t exactly ‘together.’

It was also around that time Draya was linked to Jas Prince. Orlando reportedly has doubts the baby is actually his. image-62-e1452747033528

If you let Draya tell it, she ended things with him.

image-65-e1452791770563-1We did think it was a little odd that Orlando wasn’t in the pregnancy announcement photos. 

There’s so much drama between these two, knowing them they’ll be back together and declaring their love for each other by Sunday.

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