Drake Had a Heated Exchange with Cleveland Cavaliers' Kendrick Perkins, Reportedly Called Him a 'F*cking P*ssy' [Video]

The Cavaliers beat the Toronto raptors 113-112 in an overtime win on Tuesday, and Drake wasn’t happy.

The rapper and Raptors ambassador got into a heated exchange with Cavaliers center Kendrick Perkins courtside, with he confrontation making its . way over to the tunnel.

via NYP:

“I’m here in real life,” said Drake, 31, according to Toronto Star columnist Bruce Arthur. The rapper also allegedly called Perkins a “f–king p—y.”

Perkins, an inactive player who signed with Cleveland at the end of last season, told ESPN via text message, “What happened was I was talking to my old teammate Serge [Ibaka] walking into halftime telling him, ‘We about to win this game,’ and Drake butted in talking s–t to me. So I said something back to him.”

After Tidal’s Elliott Wilson posted a screen shot of ESPN’s report on Instagram, Drake shared his side of the story. Sort of.

“I just said I liked the hem on his capris,” Drake commented.

The Raptors, who dropped their seventh straight playoff game against the Cavaliers, will have their next shot at revenge Thursday night.

Drake, we’re pretty sure beefing with NBA players is NOT part of ‘God’s Plan.’

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