After Declaring His Girlfriend Taina Williams Is A ‘Great Woman' G Herbo Announces 'He's Single'

Back in December G Herbo appeared on “Caresha Please” were he talked about being in love with girlfriend, and the mother of two of his children, Taina Williams.

Things have changed because G Herbo took to Instagram Tuesday night (June 6) to let the world know that “he is single.”

At the time of the interview with Yung Miami, Herbo shared that he always praises his girlfriend for being “perfect.” Adding that anytime he has ever stepped out on a woman, he was just trying to “get away from s**t.”

Herbo added that he and Williams are in a “great space.” And even admitted to having plans for marriage.

“Are you going to pop the question soon?” Yung Miami asked the rapper.

“Yeah,” he replied.

G Herbo also shared what he loves the most about Williams.

What I love the most about Taina is she’s just herself. She’s honestly herself. You gon get the good, the bad, the worst — whatever it is, she ain’t hiding her hands. She not throwing rocks, hiding her hands. She gon let you know what it is, how she feel… And me, I’m bad with communication. I don’t like to talk. i don’t like to explain myself – none of that. But at least I know what I’m up against.

G Herbo went on to say that Williams is a “great woman.”

You can watch the interview from happier times below.

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