Coupled Up? Kim Kardashian Is Reportedly Dating Odell Beckham Jr.

Kim Kardashian has been quietly “dating” NFL star Odell Beckham Jr in recent weeks, according to reports.

We thought Odell was still dating the mother of his child, but the streets say they’ve been broken up for quite some time.

via The Mirror:

The SKIMS founder is said to have been hanging out with the Baltimore Ravens player, with a source saying they’ve been spending time together “very recently”. He was said to have enjoyed “flirting” with Kim’s sister Khloe during Drake’s Memorial Day pool party back in 2016.

“Kim Kardashian has a new love interest,” the source revealed. During an appearance on the Deux U podcast, the source gave several clues to Kim’s new man before revealing his identity.

They told listener’s Kim is dating an American football star who plays for a team on the east coast before revealing: “It’s Odell Beckham Jr.”

Explaining their clues, the source said: “He plays for the Baltimore Ravens, so that was east coast.” They added: “Yeah, they’ve been hanging out.

“I don’t have any other information, that is who she has been hanging out with of late and I say very recently, without giving away too much information that I’m not supposed to give away. They were hanging out very recently.” The Mirror has approached representatives for Kim and Odell for comment.

Fans have been commenting on the speculation, with one person writing on Reddit: “Ummm her soccer mom phase over the summer holidays paid off then…I thought she would use it to bag a player.”

We’re not mad, Kim. Not mad at all!

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