Countries That Celebrate Pride Month Other Than the US

Take Your Pride Worldwide: 5 Countries That Celebrate Pride Month

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Countries that celebrate pride month
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Pride parades are one of the most exciting festivals to attend. However, these events are about much more than just having fun; they honor the freedom and history of the LGBTQIA+ community. Whether that peace looks like marching in a parade or stepping outside of your comfort zone, queer folx deserve to celebrate their love and be who they are.

Thankfully, the US isn’t the only place that honors Pride. Some of the other countries on this list celebrate all through the summer, so the fun doesn’t have to stop in June. So it might be time to take your festivities international and learn how these other countries celebrate Pride.


There are more than four different Pride parades in Canada. They celebrate the Stonewall Uprising of 1969 in June and other major LGBTQIA+ milestones throughout the summer. The fun continues through July, August, and September, and each month is chock full of parades and queer celebrations.

Countries that celebrate pride month
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Is Australia on your summer bucket list, but afraid you’ll miss out on all the Pride fun? Have no fear! Sydney has more than enough events for you to attend during June. From discounted shopping to musical festivals featuring queer artists, there are tons to do.


São Paulo has one of the largest annual Pride celebrations in the world. The Sao Paulo Pride Parade is definitely a festival you’ll want to add to your list. They have thousands of attendees, and this year, to bring awareness to the struggles queer citizens face in Brazil, people wore the country’s flag colors, green and yellow. In 2023, approximately 145 trans people were killed.


Madrid Pride, also known as MADO, is celebrated from June 28 to July 7. These fun-filled days include concerts, beauty contests, summits, and more.

Countries that celebrate pride month
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United Kingdom

London does not play when it comes to Pride. Once June 29 comes around, people fill the streets in celebration of gender and sexual diversity. Led by the Mayor of London, attendees walk for equality and Pride.  The parade is made up of over 500 groups from LGBTQIA+ groups and businesses. There are also fun performances and yummy eats along the way.

Countries that celebrate pride month
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We all might celebrate Pride Month differently, but overall we’re this time is about standing in solidarity with the queer community. Thankfully, even if you’re not home, there are still plenty of places to observe the holiday.

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