Comedian Kountry Wayne Says He 'Splurges' on $200K in Child Support for His 10 Kids [Video] |

Comedian Kountry Wayne Says He ‘Splurges’ on $200K in Child Support for His 10 Kids [Video]

Kountry Wayne is getting candid about his child support payments.

via: BET

During Thursday’s (September 18) episode of the Sherri Shepherd Show, the comedian revealed how much money he pays monthly in child support for his ten kids that he shares with five different women.

The admission came after Shepherd lauded him for his previous boss moves, which include two epic firsts. The first is writing his self-help biography –Help Is On The Way– and landing his first Netflix standup comedy special, A Woman’s Prayer. Of securing that gig, he said, “It feels good. As a comedian coming from the internet, that was the thing,” while adding, “internet comics do stand up like the great Bernie Mac and Richard Pryor. It was one of the milestones I wanted to show the world.

Given his accomplishments, Shepherd asked him if he had splurged on anything.

“Yeah I splurge…more than child support? Because child support would be my biggest splurge,” he said.

“[Is] that called splurging? Because that’s every month,” he quipped.

Shepherd then dug deeper, inquiring about the magic number that he dishes monthly.

“Yeah, my child support…Just my family costs me about 200 a month,” Wayne explained.

“Two hundred dollars?” Shepherd asked. “Two hundred thousand,” he clarified, which led Shepherd to gesture in amazement.

Wayne –whose comedy is free of expletives– suggested the amount he pays each month is inflated for reasons beyond his children.

“It don’t have to cost me that much. It’s just [that] child support come with baby mama support. Everybody come behind the children with their hands out,” he said.

In terms of splurging on himself, he said he likes fly whips.

“So I splurge on some things, cars and all that. I’ve got a million dollars worth of cars, but ain’t nothing like that child support, where people with feet walk up on you.”

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