College Student Was Fatally Shot After Accidentally Getting into Wrong Car, Driver Said He Feared for His Life

A University of Tampa student was shot and killed early Saturday morning after authorities say that he got out of his rideshare and attempted to get into another car.

via People:

Carson Senfield was celebrating his 19th birthday with friends when he was killed. It’s unclear why he tried to enter the second vehicle.

“According to witnesses, the individual was hanging out with friends on South Howard Ave and had caught an Uber to his residence near the 1000 block of W Arch St just prior to the incident,” police said in a press release. “After exiting his Uber, the individual attempted to enter the vehicle of another adult male parked nearby.”

“The driver, who did not know the individual or why he was forcing his way into his vehicle, shot the man, striking him in the upper body,” police say. “The driver said he feared for his life.”

“[Senfield] died from his injuries on scene,” authorities say. “The shooter, who remained at the scene, is cooperating with detectives.”

It’s unclear if the shooter will face any charges. Police have not identified him, but say that “any potential charges would be decided by the State Attorney’s Office.”

Senfield’s family is mourning their sudden loss.

“He was such a bright light to everybody; he was an apple in everybody’s eye,” his father, Darren, told WGRZ-TV. “He was such a generator of great vibes.”

“We don’t have our son, we’re mourning, we’re heartbroken, we’re devastated,” Darren Senfield continued. “It was a senseless tragedy that we’re still trying to figure out, but at this point, it doesn’t really matter, we don’t have our Carson with us.”

Authorities continue to investigate the shooting.

It’s a very sad situation, but we think there might be a bit more to the story

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