Coachella Festival Sees Slowest Ticket Sales in 10 Years |

Coachella Festival Sees Slowest Ticket Sales in 10 Years

It may soon be farewell to the giant ferris wheel, and scorchin’ desert heat if this year’s Coachella ticket sales are any indication.

via: SF GATE

Coachella tickets went on sale on Friday, Jan. 19. And four days later, tickets for the festival’s first weekend are still up for grabs — for the first time in a decade.

For years, the process of snatching up a Coachella weekend pass was like panning for gold: part patience, part savvy and part dumb luck. In spite of steep ticket prices, fans waited for hours in virtual ticket queues, only to learn that they had missed their chance at a wristband. From 2014 to 2022, tickets sold out in a window ranging from just 40 minutes in 2015 to slightly more than 4 hours in 2022.

In 2023, sales cooled slightly, despite the lure of a rare, but ultimately doomed Frank Ocean appearance. That year, tickets for Coachella’s first weekend — the more coveted of the two — took days, not hours, to sell.

And as of Tuesday, Coachella 2024 ticket sales have fallen behind 2023’s sluggish sales. Tickets for the first weekend are still available at the second of the three price tiers, meaning plenty of passes remain.

One plausible explanation for the slowdown is the festival’s 2024 lineup. The bill, featuring headliners Doja Cat, Tyler, the Creator, Lana Del Rey and No Doubt, has left some fans feeling underwhelmed. But this isn’t a new complaint for Coachella, and it hasn’t kept fans from fighting for tickets in the past.

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