City Girls’ JT Speaks Out About Kim Potter’s Two-Year Prison Sentence [Photo]

City Girls rapper JT wasn’t pleased with the sentencing verdict of a former Minnesota police officer who fatally shot an unarmed Black man last year.

via: Revolt

Like many others, JT appears to have been watching the case closely and decided to share her thoughts once Hennepin County Judge Regina Chu announced the details.

On Friday (Feb. 18), JT tweeted “Kim potter got the same time I got for fraud for MURDER!”

The tweet has garnered nearly 27,000 likes and several hundred comments.

JT didn’t directly say whether she believes the sentencing was unjust. But comparing the amount of time she was sentenced for her fraud case to a murder where an unarmed Black man was shot and killed seems to display some inconsistency in the law.

Back in July 2018, JT turned herself in to authorities and served 24 months in a Federal Correctional Institution in Florida. She was booked on fraudulent credit card charges. In October 2019, she was released to a halfway house and was freed from federal custody in 2020.

As REVOLT reported, Potter will spend 16 months in prison and the remaining eight months of her sentence on supervised release.

“Of all the jobs in public service, police officers have the most difficult one. They must make snap decisions under tense evolving and ever-changing circumstances,” Judge Chu said Friday. “They risk their lives every single day in public service. Officer Potter made a mistake that ended tragically.”

“She never intended to hurt anyone,” Chu added. “Her conduct cries out for a sentence significantly below the guidelines.”

Judge Chu said Potter will also be fined $1,000 with a surcharge of $78, which will either be taken out of her prison wages or due within 180 days.

In December 2021, the former Brooklyn Center police officer was convicted of first- and second-degree manslaughter for fatally shooting Wright during a traffic stop after mistaking her gun for her taser.

Check out JT’s tweet below:

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