Ciara Celebrates Her 28th Birthday & Flashes Her $500,000 Engagement Ring at Moët Rosé Lounge Series [Photos]


Ciara certainly looks like she living on cloud 9 these days. The bride-to-be made an appearance at the first-ever Moët Rosé Lounge Series in Houston last night.

She arrived at Hotel Derek wearing a black Alon Livine dress which accented her lean body in all the right places.


Of course it’s hard to miss that huge 15-carat ring on her finger.

Jewelers from Avianne & Co told People mag that Future designed the ring with them and it’s worth $500,000.

“The ring is a very intricate design which took longer to actually design than it did to produce,” a rep for Avianne & Co. tells PEOPLE. “We went through several molds and concept models before landing on the proper design, which allowed for maximum shine and stability in the diamonds. This vision of blending ring styles together allowed for a very unique ring.”

ciara-engagement ring

Future even gave the ring an official name, calling it the  Past Present and Future Emerald Cut Diamond Ring.

Check out a few more photos below!

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