Christopher Meloni Goes Fully Nude for Peloton Commercial |

Christopher Meloni Goes Fully Nude for Peloton Commercial

Christopher Meloni stripped down for Peloton’s newest ad in which he promotes the  app that gives him a wide variety of exercises — just in time for National Nude Day.

Did we mention he’s 61?

via Page Six:

“Sure, they’re famous for their amazing equipment,” the “Law & Order: SVU” star says, full of double entendre, while completing bicep curls, bicycle crunches and more all in the buff with just a blur over his penis.

“But the App gets me motivated to do lots of different workouts like yoga, cardio, meditation and strength training.”

As Meloni, 61, finishes his nude stretching, a voice over comes in to inform viewers that the Peloton community is represented by “two separate, but equally motivated groups: Those who wear pants…and Christopher Meloni.”

Famed Peloton instructors Cody Rigsby, Matty Maggiacomo and Jess King all flooded the comments with their opinions.

“This is f–king funny,” Rigsby responded.

“I AM DECEASED. Fully naked,” Maggiacomo wrote.

“Ohhhh. My. Word,” a speechless King reacted.

Unsurprisingly, the commercial was created by Ryan Reynolds’ Maximum Effort, the company behind Chris Noth’s Peloton ad after he was killed off of “And Just Like That…” by suffering a heart attack after his 1,000th ride.

The troubled company yanked the ad after two women accused the “Sex and the City” alum of sexual assault. Noth, 67, has denied the allegations.

Reynolds is also behind his Aviation Gin ad that featured the woman who received a Peloton for Christmas in the company’s much-maligned “sexist” commercial. The “Free Guy” star changed the narrative by hiring Monica Ruiz to appear in his booze commercial as a response to the criticism she received.

The 42-second ad opened with Ruiz sitting in a bar, staring blankly into the camera, while her two female friends look after her.

“This gin is really smooth,” she finally mutters.

As smooth as Meloni’s body, perhaps.

You can watch the ad for yourself below.

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