Christian Entrepreneur Dana Chanel Accused of Scamming...Again -- Alleged Fraudulent Consulting Group Gets Shut Down [Photos]

Popular entrepreneur Casey Olivera aka “Dana Chanel” and her husband Donnell Morris aka “Prince Donnell” have long been accused of scamming customers out of their money over the years.

A quick Google search will turn up fraud accusations dating back to at least 2017 — but that hasn’t stopped their businesses from growing or their brands from gaining popularity.

Recently, an Instagram page by the name of @DanaChanelScamming began aggregating customer complaints and alleged evidence of Dana and Donnell’s scams.

Apparently her opposition has stumbled upon yet another one of her allegedly fraudulent ventures and had it shut down.


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???WELP! SHUT IT DOWN. PUT THE WORD OUT, UNTIL WE ALL GET OUR MONEY BACK ANY CELEBRITY, INFLUENCER OR COMPANY dealing with the SCAMILY WILL HEAR FROM US & we will FORWARD YOUR PARTNERSHIP TO THE FEDS FOR REVIEW! So we told y’all a few days ago, Dana was launching a new Scam that she hadn’t made Public yet. She has found a Loan Company called Eaze Consulting Group. Where she will push you to get $5k, $8k loans to finance those trash apps! Well they want no parts of the FTC! Thanks to the Brilliant Women & Men in this community it’s all coming to light! ?Just for the record we know this is a scam loan company too. But they dumped Dana in order for her scams not to lead to their scams being discovered! And we’re kool with that but the Feds can kill 2 birds with 1 stone . They all need to stop!

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There is a petition circulating that accuses Dana, her husband, her sister, and her family of ripping off unsuspecting customers.

It alleges that Dana and co. have:

  • Stolen money from customers interested in building an app: They will give you a stellar consult then once they get the initial money and “work” begins the true service comes to light. You have no say in the actual design of the app, no say in the features, your calls begin to be limited or ignored, meanwhile you are charged on a regular basis. When you ask to cancel, you are ignored. They make sure to do everything over the phone to reduce a paper trail.
  • Stolen money from customers of their credit repair agency They begin with the ridiculous promise of raising your credit score hundreds of points within a 3-5 month period (even their contract says differently) for a monthly fee. Once the first or first few payments are made, they stop making contact with you or giving any reports. Many have seen NO change on the credit report or if there was anything that comes off, it comes back on within a few weeks. When confronted about their unethical practices and asked for any kind of cancellation or refund, their first defense is always to ignore. Then to threaten. They have placed negative, delinquent accounts on the credit reports of those who complain. An action that can ONLY be done by stealing your identity and using your SSN and other information to open and ruin new accounts in your name. 
  • Ignored and Threatened victims who have spoken out and asked for refunds for illegal charges on their credit cards or undelivered services. This has been the case for almost every victim of Dana Chanel and her family. 

We can’t speak to what’s true not, but we can say that this wouldn’t be the first time one of these emerging social media ‘entrepreneurs’ has been busted for taking advantage of people.

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