Carl Lentz Reportedly ‘Caught Having Sex With Young Celebrity’ By Dog Walker |

Carl Lentz Reportedly ‘Caught Having Sex With Young Celebrity’ By Dog Walker

What a messy life Carl Lentz was leading. A month and a half after the disgraced celebrity pastor was fired from Hillsong Church for cheating on his wife of 17 years, his former dog walker has come forward alleging that he once walked into Lentz’s Brooklyn apartment and heard the former pastor and a “young celebrity” having sex.

via: Page Six

Carl Lentz’s family dog walker claims he heard the disgraced Hillsong pastor having sex with “a young celebrity” long before he was fired from the organization for “moral failings” — aka cheating on his wife.

Lee Martin claims the incident took place in November 2014. Lentz married wife Laura in 2003.

“They lived in a building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where I had the majority of my dog walking business,” he told The Sun. “I walked into the house one day to walk their dog and I didn’t see or hear any people in the apartment at first. So I took it that no one was there and went in and got their dog on a leash.”

“And as I went to exit the apartment, I walked past the bedroom and I heard sex noises — it definitely sounded like two people were having sex,” he claimed.

Lee was “kind of shocked” in the moment and headed out, but not before mistakenly shutting the door just a hint too loudly.

“When I walked out of the door, I accidentally let the door close behind me too loud. And so by the time I made it to the elevator, Carl and the star were right behind me. He didn’t look me in the eye, and didn’t talk to me or acknowledge me, which was very unlike him.”

He added, “They both seemed kind of flushed — like they had been having sex. I didn’t see into the bedroom but I know what I heard and I believe what I heard was Carl and the celebrity having sex with each other.”

The Sun chose to withhold the identity of the “young celebrity” with whom Lentz was allegedly intimate. Martin also claimed there’s a significant age difference between the two.

Lentz’s “multiple affairs” have reportedly been known to his congregation for years.

Wow he was bringing women back to his home, and more importantly who was the celebrity.

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