Cara Delevingne Explains Her Behavior and 'Odd' Billboard Music Awards Photos with Megan Thee Stallion

Cara Delevingne went viral for her “odd” behavior at this year’s Billboard Music Awards, but now she’s explaining what was actually happening at the time.

via People:

In her appearance on Wednesday night’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the actress, 29, gave fans the backstory behind her now-viral photos from her night at the May BBMA’s alongside Megan Thee Stallion.

When asked how she wound up sitting front row for the music awards show, she told Fallon she was in Las Vegas, Nevada, with friends already when the rapper, 27, asked her to come along.

“I really wanted to see her play and she asked me to come along with her,” she said. “I didn’t know I was going to go and sit or do anything, I thought I was just going to come and watch her play.”

“I walked in and I had a seat in the front row, and I’m like, ‘I’m not meant to be here,'” she continued.

It was not her seat that had people talking but rather Delevingne’s entrance into the award show and her presence in “Plan B” rapper’s photos.

Several pictures captured the Carnival Row star helping to throw her dress’s train in the air to catch an elusive fashion shot and generally pulling rather unusual faces.

“I was helping her and I was doing it, and I was going like, ‘Yeah girl!’ I was hyping her up, being a hype woman,” the model-turned-actress added.

Delevingne’s supportive work didn’t end there –– she also helped Megan read lines for her on stage moment and even stopped to take pictures of other stars from her prime position on the floor.

“She had a speech she was going to do because she was winning an award, so I was helping her run her lines,” she said.

Delevigne said of the floor photos, “That’s what I do, I was just really excited.”

“I was living my best life, but people found it a bit odd. People find me a bit odd, but that’s me. No shame,” she said of the event.

Delevingne also opened up to the host on the episode about her work on Season 2 of Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building.

In the second season of the Hulu series, which stars her longtime friend Selena Gomez, Steve Martin, and Martin Short, Delevingne joined the cast as an “art world insider” named Alice, who eventually develops a romance with Gomez’s character, Mabel Mora. 

During an interview with ET Canada Gomez raved about working with her close friend. 

“It didn’t feel like we were working,” she said. “It was so much fun. I mean, we’ve known each other since we were about 15, so it was just a blast. We had a great time and I felt like it was super organic and she did a fantastic job.” 

Delevingne echoed Gomez’s sentiments while talking with Entertainment Tonight, saying, “It was so easy and safe, we already have that relationship in terms of comfortability.” 

“We never get to see each other as much because we’re so busy,” she said. “So to be able to spend that much time with her, and also to be able to work with her, she’s just such an incredible person to work with whether I know her or not. She is brilliant, like one of my favorite actors I’ve ever worked with.”

The two stars even shared an on-camera smooch – which Delevingne described as “just fun.”

“It was just fun,” Delevingne added of their kissing scene. “Would anyone in the world not like to kiss Selena?”

Watch the interview below.

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