Brandon T. Jackson Stranded in Phoenix After Flight Attendant Drops The N-Word


Either the world is truly going mad, or  people just don’t care about hiding their racism anymore.

Actor Brandon T. Jackson is currently stranded in Phoenix after a run in with a flight attendant on his flight from NYC to Santa Ana, CA with a layover in Arizona.

Brandon claims that during the flight, an attendant named “Dee” called him the N-word and said, “I don’t care if you’re Obama’s son, sit down in your seat!”

According to Brandon, he wasn’t standing up while the plane was landing, but it is unclear if he was standing at another inappropriate time.

If those words really did come out of the flight attendant’s mouth, we can understand why he would get a little riled up.

Brandon took to his Twitter mid-flight to alert his Twitter followers of the incident, saying:

US AIRWAYS [they’re] so racist they said “i don”t care if your Obama son get in your seat!!” Flight 629 flight attendant “DEE” please help !!!!

He also shared the fact he was held for questioning once the flight landed in Phoenix, and he was not allowed to continue on with his trip.

The cops are questioning me this is ridiculous … Please help

I was released from question and stranded in phx they will not let me fly anymore I don’t want to ..

Don’t think this is over. Brandon plans on raising awareness to this incident in his future comedy gigs.

I’m talking about this in stage

This was the most racist thing that ever happen to me even the white people on the plane was like that racist …

It’s unfortunate that this situation occurred. Don’t let the man (or woman) get you down, Brandon!

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