Boosie Says He's an Ordained Minister, Charging $75,000 to $100,000 to Officiate Weddings [Video]

In a post on his Instagram Story, Baton Rogue rapper Boosie Badazz has said that he’s officially an ordained minister and is willing to offer his services.

via: Revolt

The Baton Rouge rapper took to his Instagram Stories to show off his official card of ministry from the Universal Life Church Ministries. “I can marry you,” he said in the short clip. “If you wanna get married, if you Boosie to marry you, let me know. If you want Boosie to marry you, I got my motherfuckin’ license. If you want Boosie to marry you, y’all holla at me. This my new thing.”

If you want Boosie to officiate your wedding, you better be ready to cut a huge check. The “Wipe Me Down” emcee stated that he will charge anywhere from $75,000 to $100,000 for his services.

It’s unclear whether the Back 2 BR rapper will offer his assistance to same-sex couples, considering that he recently came under fire for comments he made towards Lil Nas X about his sexuality. Back in October, he went on a Twitter rant about the “Industry Baby” rapper for joking that he and Boosie were collaborating on a new song together. Boosie called Lil Nas X a homophobic slur and told him that if he committed suicide he would do the world a “huge favor.”

A few days later, the “Set It Off” spitter took to social media to reveal that several fans came up to him thanking him for being their voice. “I was out making groceries, eight different people came up to me and told me, ‘Man, you the voice I ain’t got, bruh,’” he said in the clip. “Eight different people told me, ‘Man, don’t let nobody silence you, bruh. You all we got, bruh.’ Eight different people just told me that in three hours. Like, man, shit crazy, man.”

Check out Boosie’s ministry credentials below.

Boosie isn’t the only rapper that’s able to officiate weddings. Just last month, Cardi B offered to officiate Kal Penn’s wedding.

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