Boosie Badazz Lashes Out At His Daughter And Her Mother On New Song

Boosie BadAzz disses his daughter and her mother on the new song Ungrateful and gets Twitter talking.

via: Vibe

He even goes as far as claiming that he’s disavowed his daughter “for life” following disparaging comments she made about him publicly.

On the song’s third verse, the Baton Rouge native goes in on the mother of his child, shaming her for attempting to put him on child support, despite recently purchasing his daughter a new car for her birthday. “Baby mama, she done hit me with the child support/Ol’ dirty-ass b***h ’bout to lie in court,” he raps, attributing her actions to his decision to repossess the birthday gift in response to her mother’s “ungrateful” deed.

“Well, that AMG Benz I’ma need that back/ Won’t play it like that, you ain’t ’bout to keep that” he says, before revealing alleged skeletons in her own closet. “Guess the b***h still mad ’cause her brother got wacked/ This the same n***a f**ked your little sister in the cat/ If you sucked Bleek d**k while I f**ked you from the back/ You ain’t never been s**t but a f**king hood rat/ Your ungrateful ass” Boosie barks with disgust, conveying his disappointment and disdain with every line.

He then addresses his daughter, who he says called him “a bi**h ass ni**a” noting all he’s done for her throughout her life. “Cut off my daughter for life, your ungrateful ass,” he says near the end of the track. “All this sh*t I did for this f**king child,” he added, in disbelief.

Released as part of his new album Goin Thru Some Thangs earlier this month, “Ungrateful” arrives in the wake of the public falling out between Boosie and his daughter Tori, who denigrated him in response to him taking back the Benz he had previously gifted her for her 16th birthday. At the time, the “Wipe Me Down” rapper defended himself as a father and provider while pointing out his daughter’s mothers own transgressions and checkered history as a parent in contrast.

“I’ve always taking care my children,” he wrote in a lengthy response. “She wasn’t saying this two weeks ago when she was n Atl going on shopping sprees everyday n has never said this but now I’m not a dad (Spoiled).”

He continued, adding “If u gon’ down-talk you father, talk the truth about your mother, who’s been arrested over 12 times for stealing n been in n out of jail her whole life. Your dad always tried to raise you not to be this woman. U called another woman mama the first 3 years of your life. We took care [of] you when she was n out of jail. Your mother named you after another man when u was born. I changed your name n took responsibility.”

Watch Boosie Badazz’s “Ungrateful” music video below.

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