Black Women On Girls Trip Experience Racism In First Class [Photos]

Software developer Angie Jones’ recent girls trip reminded us that America still has a long way to go when it comes to race.

via: BET

Taking to Twitter on July 27, the software developer says she boarded a flight with nine other Black women as they all sat in first class.

“People literally could not process how it was possible,” she wrote. “Staff tried to send us to regular lines. Passengers made snide remarks. One guy even yelled ‘are they a higher class of people than I am?!'”

Jones, the Senior Director of Developer Relations at Applitools, holds 26 patented inventions in the United States of America and Japan, and is an IBM Master Inventor. But all those who questioned her presence in the first class cabin saw was the color of her skin. Her tweets inspired many to share their own stories of racism.

For those who didn’t believe her story, Jones had words for them as they further proved how systemic racism is alive and well.

“Don’t have the spoons to reply to everyone but to those saying I’m lying, you’re a huge part of the problem you tell yourself a notable person is lying (for what reason, I cannot figure out) before you believe there are actual racists in…America,” she tweeted. “FYI, yall look really foolish.”

Angie should call out the airlines by name.

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